Game Assets

In Bitcoin Hodler there are three asset categories - Hodlers, Items and Spacecrafts. Every Hodler belongs to a class. which is a group with a specific skill. Besides a common skillset that all Hodlers have in common, each Hodler has a unique combination of a class and character skill. Major Tom for instance belongs to the "Space Hodler" class which provides him  the "Boost" skill. His character skill is "FUD-Resistance". Scroll down to learn more about classes and skills in Bitcoin Hodler.


Every Hodler comes with a common skill set as well as a unique combination of a class and a character skill. There are 6 skills in total for every hodler that can be unlocked based on progress or activated with a Blockchain game Item. Skills can't save you the whole work but they will enhance your chances of survival.

+1 Balloon

Activates the Jet-Pack for continuos HODL-mode (tap once and feel the thrust)

Lets you move your hodler left and right by tilting

Destroys every obstacle in your way

Makes you smaller and more agile. Helpful when the screen get crowded

Doubles/Triples everything

Pulls the right coins and saves you from loosers of the day

Defends Forks and Taxes

Makes you invisble and invincible

Saves your funds from going to zero when you crash

Switches to Bull/Bear mode and benefits from both sides of the markets

Protects your good vibes from fear, uncertainty and doubt

Gets you some time to think about the situation by slowing down the universe

Classes & Class Skills

has no
class skill