When moon?

An early release version - "offchain beta" - of Bitcoin Hodler is on the verge of being published. This version provides core functionalities of the game and the first two offline characters - "Hodler" and "Hodlerette". This will convey the core idea of Bitcoin Hodler and a touch of our outlook on where we are heading. It will be available for Android later this year. An IOS version is also on the mid-term agenda. At the same time we are working with the Enjin team on several new hodlers, items and spacecrafts which will be backed by Enjincoin and will be accessible in the next versions in 2019. Depending on our progression, a PvP mode will be released next year, as well as further games in the future where you can take your characters and their skills with you to compete with hodlers across the community.

So basically we will be publishing the game in multiple phases, building on each other, gradually adding up the blockchain functionality and increasing the players experience step by step.