... Descended from a time and place in the universe far beyond our imagination, the HODLers joined the crypto space a very long time ago. Back in the days when Bitcoin was the only crypto currency out there, HODLers realized the true potential of Bitcoin and blockchain for the future of mankind, giving the power over value transfer and real ownership back to people. HODLers just "HODL" their Bitcoin and are never going to sell, wether markets boom or bust! They never 'FOMO' in and know exactly when the Bottom is reached so they can "buy the dips" and invest even more. With their infinie wisdom, they sometimes spot incredible trading opportunities they can take to raise their ingame Bitcoin balance even higher!


Every HODLer has his own special attributes and abilities. New, blockchain-based characters and items will be introduced to the community on a regular basis. Collect 'em all, discover their special abilities, level them up and just HODL to help them take Bitcoin to new all tme highs!


The HODL MAN is a long term HODLer with almost infinite wisdom in market psychology, crypto economies and decentralized blockchain applications. He is with skin in the game since 2009, knowing the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto and is NOT going to tell you. What makes him a special HODLer is the perfect balance between agility, gravity, speed and some hidden super powers


HODLERETTE has known how to play the markets since the beginning. She believes in the power of Bitcoin and doesn't give a damn about short term volatility. She is greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy

Many more coming soon on the blockchain...